Soul Loss

A spiritual ailment that is common to many cultures the world over, soul loss is when part of your soul is broken off due to a traumatic event. This fragment either cannot or will not return to the person, and this results in illness, depression, or even death.

How does soul loss happen?

Depending on the tradition you listen to the traumas that cause soul loss can range from as serious as a near fatal accident to as small as a sudden scare. Combat, a sudden health issue, even a car crash might cause a soul loss. In the modern culture even such things as a divorce or being terminated from a job could result in soul loss. Spiritual practitioners from some traditions will say this is a more rare event, other traditions will say it is more common. For many circumstance people will heal, and not experience soul loss.

What are the signs of soul loss?

While signs may vary, there are some things that seem common after a traumatic event such as difficulty moving on, depression, anxiety, and illness. Some signs we might associate with P.T.S.D. Other people might experience an overwhelming feeling of being lost, or lethargic. They might stop taking care of themselves and their homes. One might become more susceptible to common illness, or might experience symptoms with no medical cause.

How to prevent soul loss?

One thing all the cultures seem to agree on is when a traumatic event occurs soul loss can be prevented by immediately doing spiritual cleansing. Prayer, and use of herbs like sage or copal to cleanse the trauma energy from you, allowing a natural healing to occur. These things will have the physical effect of calming nerves and restoring a balanced feeling.

Help with soul loss

Soul loss can rarely be cured alone; outside help is usually required. If you suspect soul loss, we at The Wandering Owl recommend consulting with a skilled spiritual practitioner who will use divination and spiritual allies to determine if soul loss has occurred. This practitioner will help you to recover the lost soul fragment, allowing you to heal and become whole again.

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