​What Can We Do To Help Our Mother Earth and All Her Children

​This is something that was written by our mentor, Mateyo Empie, almost 7 years ago. It still seems very appropriate so we thought we should share. Tag or share with people who are willing to help facilitate change.

"The Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the ones who came before us, are watching us with love and concern. They wish us well and so watch with love for we are their descendants.

They see a world that has changed greatly since their time, changed in ways mysterious and even unpleasant. They wait to see what we will do, how we will help all our relations, our neighbors, our Brothers, Sisters, the Animal People and the Plant People. How we will help all life on this Earth, our Mother.

They wonder how we will leave the Earth for those who come after us.

We can change the world and make it better. We can awaken love and compassion. And we can send healing energy out in the world, if we but choose to.

Take a piece of crystal, quartz or any other kind. Size price and clarity are not important. Wash it on cold running water for a moment to clear the energies in it.

Hold it to your heart, close your eyes, and decide what you would like to share; comfort for the sad, health for the ailing, whatever your heart thinks is important.

Feel your loving energy flow into the crystal, and breath your wish into the stone. Let your hands send out a loving vibration, until the stone is overflowing with your intent.

Seal the intent by tying the crystal with a piece of string or ribbon, letting your heart choose the color.

Now send this love into the world. Decide where to leave your loving surprise; a public place where it’s light will affect many, or where the person who needs it most will find it; a quiet corner where it may affect people for years without being found; energy to improve a vacant lot, or to heal a place where pollution has affected the wild.

Send out your love and compassion to awaken it in others, and help all to heal. By doing even this small thing we are helping our Mother. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers notice every effort and smile."

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