How To Create A Spiritual Sanctuary in 4 Easy Steps

​Who doesn't need a place where they can go to feel calm, safe, and secure? Especially if you are psychically or energetically sensitive, the world can seem an overwhelming place. How to create that calm healing space like we have in The Wandering Owl is a frequent question. But it may not be as hard as you think, and we can tell you how in 4 easy steps.

  1. Clean. This is a very simple but often overlooked step. Clutter is a hard thing to deal with both physically and spiritually. It affects your energetic self like a cold affects your body. Start everything off by decluttering your space, then washing walls, vacuuming, and making sure everything is nice and tidy.

  2. Clear the space. There are a number of ways to do this, and one of the most frequently used is sage. If you have ever had a shamanic cleansing by James you will know that we also really like palo santo. Both will clear out any negativity that has become stuck.

  3. Create a Protective Grid. Selenite is a favorite for this because it has a very high vibration. It clears negativity, and will create a barrier against new negativity coming in. Place selenite in the four corners OR the cardinal directions of your space and meditate on the thought of gratitude to activate the effect.

  4. Enhance the space with a candle. We are proud to carry Coventry Creations power votive candles, a brand we regard highly. The Happy Home, Protection or Stability candles would all work very well to help enhance your sanctuary space.

The more you sit and enjoy the space the stronger it will get. The more you visualize the grid of protection the more it can protect you. Each moon cycle it will get stronger.

Now for an added bonus!

Your sanctuary can come with you. Place some smaller pieces of selenite within your sanctuary space, and take them with you when you leave. The power and protection will travel with you everywhere you go.

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