Green Aventurine for Love

​This time of year (near Valentines Day) you will see a lot of posts about crystals associated with love,

with rose quartz being the most common. Rose quartz is often associated with the heart chakra, and has that cheerful pink color people associate with love.

But pink isn't the traditional color of the heart chakra, green is, and Green Aventurine is a much better crystal for love in your life.

Green, the Color Of Love

Well, self love anyway, and through self love you are then free to love the world about you and more importantly to receive love from others. It is impossible to receive love from others of you don’t feel worthy of it. The way to remember this is to think of the word trick Intimacy=In To Me See. Love comes from within and radiates out where it is reflected back. Green Aventurine helps to balance male and female energies, bringing you to a balanced place where you can be objective. It also helps you to see situations as they really are. Or in short to get the baggage out of the way so you are open to receiving and giving love. Native American lore says that Aventurine was used to “open the heart”. Aventurine helps diffuse negative situations and promotes a sense of well being.

It’s All About Success

Green Aventurine is normally associated with success and prosperity for good reason. The name aventurine derives from the Italian "a ventura" meaning "by chance". Aventurine is not only good for prosperity, but more importantly for confidence, and we all know confidence is sexy! By using Aventurine you are boosting the odds of your success. The beauty of Aventurine is that with an open heart, and by looking within, this confidence will not turn to arrogance because that certainly is not a true projection of love.

One Way to Use Green Aventurine

Here is a quick guide to using Aventurine to open your heart chakra.

  • Wash the Aventurine in cold running water

  • Clean and smudge the room you are going to use with sage, palo santo or nag champa

  • Cleanse yourself by taking a shower or bath and visualizing any negativity washing off of you

  • Then smudge yourself

  • Print out the symbol below and place it in a way where you will be able to sit or lie down and still see the image well

  • Put the Aventurine on your heart chakra or place it in your left hand

  • While staring at the symbol, imagine a warm green energy spinning like a whirlpool in the middle of your chest

  • Visualize warm green energy coming from the Aventurine, flowing up your arm through your physical heart, and adding to the green energy of the heart chakra

  • Chant the mantra YAM (Pronounced YAM, but drawn out YYEEE-AAHHH-MMMMM)

  • Feel the energy dissolving any hardness in your heart, replacing it with waves of love and compassion which then fill your entire body

  • Meditate like this for at least 10 minutes

  • When you are done, visualize the stone stopping it’s flow

  • Then, like a flower closing at night, visualize the heart chakra condense and close so it is not wide open and vulnerable as you go throughout your day

  • Place your hands on the ground and let the excess energy return to Mother Earth. It is better to release than to try and keep it, so let go of all you can

  • Carry the Aventurine on you in between meditations to have access to this energy

Have any questions? The Wandering Owl offers classes from experts covering this and many other topics in depth. We also offer one-on-one spiritual coaching. Feel free to contact us.

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