Blue Kyanite vs. The Monster in the Closet

We have written about Blue Kyanite before, but the last year we have found an effective and powerful use for them that I thought we should share.

On several occasions we have had the parents of younger children ask for help because their children have been plagued with nightmares, or are scared of the things in the closet. Some have even been scared of the spooky man or woman in the room late at night.

Who is to say if these things are imagination or the natural psychic sensitivity of the young? Children are often receptive to emotions and Spirits that we adults have filtered out or dismissed. We have developed this technique to help them. Imagination and visualization are important to this technique so it is perfect for children of certain ages and maturity levels. Use your own discretion.

We recommend using Blue Kyanite in the "blade" form, long thin pieces of this unique stone. You can tell the child in no uncertain terms and with absolute honesty that it is a very powerful magical stone against all things bad or negative. Have them take the stone to bed and put it on a shelf or table where they can access it easily. When they are feeling afraid, or wake up from a nightmare, have them take the stone and imagine the blade projecting blue energy like a light saber. Tell them to say out loud to the closet or the strange shadow in the corner "I am not afraid, and you can't stay here. I order you to leave me alone so I can sleep"

You see Star Wars is some of our modern mythology. The symbol of the light saber is one they will recognize and respond to. They will hear the hum in their mind, they might even hear the music, they will easily visualize the blade and know how to use it. Star Wars even has a large following with girls so don't think this is for boys only.

What do you get when you combine a powerful stone, empowering images, things that you connect to on an emotional level and the expression of will?

A very powerful banishing that should keep the monster in the closet at bay.

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