The stone of new beginnings, moonstone is thus also the stone of endings. That is the nature of the moon, cycles. Although different mythologies could attribute the moon to masculine as well as feminine energies, moonstone itself has long associations with the power of the feminine.

​The energy of moonstone is one of balance, introspection and reflection. It helps enhance the intuition, and is the stone to choose to improve your psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. Moonstone is very good at encouraging lucid dreaming, especially during the full moon.

Moonstone was once called "the travelers stone" and is good at both physical travel, and removing obstacles. It is a talisman of good fortune.

Moonstone helps you tune into the energy of the Universe, absorbing what is needed. But care must be used that it does not produce illusions based on wishful thinking. To uncover the synchronicities of life, moonstone grants clear "emotional thinking". It is a stone that provides a calming, nurturing energy, helping to reduce stress. Placed on the solar plexus it helps draw out old stuck emotional patterns and make you ready for change. This drawing out process can sometimes help with the upper digestive tract problems associated with stress. It brings calmness coupled with awareness.

An elixir of moonstone water is said to be excellent at helping with insomnia. Moonstone creates a nourishing field that is reportedly excellent for rejuvenating skin, hair, eyes and the fleshy organs of the body. To facilitate this nourishment, apply moonstone topically. Moonstone is also recommended for PMS, conception, pregnancy and childbearing. Some have reported it's use for stings and other swelling.

Moonstone vibrates to the F musical note. Use a tuning fork, singing bowl or musical instruments with the F note to enhance the effects of moonstone, and help energize the stone.

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