Magical Aid for Pregnancy and Childbirth

We recently received a request for information on stones and herbs that would be magical aids for pregnancy and childbirth, and thought it was such a good topic we might as well share!

Now, before we go to far I must emphasize that this is not medical advice, and should not be taken as such. Always make sure you are seeking appropriate care for you and your child.

Stones for Pregnancy​

  • Moonstone. Feminine energy, new beginnings, pregnancy and childbirth

  • Unakite. Aids the reproductive system. Provides deep healing and tissue growth

  • Petrified Wood. Connections to the Ancestors and the Mothers that came before

  • Amethyst. Balances emotions. Healing. Boosts production of hormones. Fights cellular disorders

  • Chalsedony. Nurturing. Good Will. Brings body, mind and spirit into harmony. Fosters maternal instincts. Will help balance the moonstone

Stones for Childbirth

  • Moss Agate. A birthing stone, moss agate is a midwifes stone. Lessens pain

  • Green Jade. Help with childbirth, eases pain

  • Peridot. Place on the abdomen to strengthen the muscles for childbirth

Herbs for Pregnancy

  • Dandelion

  • Nettle

  • Chamomile

  • Yarrow

  • Raspberry

Using These Lists

Now since we are avoiding medical advice, I will shy away from telling you to consume anything without seeking the advice of a physician or midwife, although the herbs listed above were used by the midwives of old. But these herbs and stones can make some excellent magical mojo bags. And here is how.

  • Find a small soft felt bag

  • Pray over each and every stone to ask for its help

  • Put the stones in the bag

  • Pray over the herbs

  • Put the herbs in the bag to ‘feed’ the stones

  • The bag does not need to be full to bulging, just make sure some of each are in

  • Pray over the bag to Mother Earth, the Great Mother Of Us All

  • If it feels right ask other Mothers you know or your own Mother to pray over the bag

  • Carry the bag in a pocket or if it feels appropriate under your clothes. You might even sleep with it under your pillow. If you use an extra pillow by your legs for comfort, put the bag in your pillow case

Other Ideas

You could of course make an gem water or elixir with the stones. I usually recommend putting the stones in a small glass container and that glass container in a larger container with distilled or spring water (the stones never physically touch the water). The energy from the stones will infuse the water when left in the moonlight overnight. The energy from the stones will enter your system through drinking or bathing in the water.

You could also place these stones on your skin as you sit or lay down to meditate, at or near your abdomen, or on your heart chakra.

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