Full to New Moon Banishing Spell

We all have things that we don’t need in our lives anymore, from fears and worries to aches and pains. Since we are closing in on a full moon, I thought we would highlight a way to help remove those obstacles from our lives.

You will need;

  • A dark or black colored dish or bowl

  • Black paper and chalk

  • Black Salt

  • Black “7 day” jar candles

  • Optional banishing oils

Begin this spell on the full moon.

Take the black paper and on it write the thing you would like to remove from your way. Try and boil it down to a single word or even a symbol if possible.Beware of trying to remove people from your path. You should focus your intent on removing the situations or limitations that might be causing you problems.

Fold the paper in half words or symbols in. Place on the dish and cover with black salt. If you are using banishing or scented oil, coat or dress the candle with it now. Place the candle on top of the black salt.

Pray over the salt and candles, firmly setting your intent. When you feel you have the intent firmly in your mind, light the candle.

Let the candle burn continually until the new moon. You will have to replace the candle as it burns down, do this with a small black chime candle, transferring the flame from the first candle to the next.

On the new moon, when the sky is at it’s darkest, blow out the candle with a last push to remove the obstacle your path. Take all out and bury the paper, remains of the candle and the salt. Wash the dish or bowl in cold water with sea salt immediately.

Now, while the moon is dark, and you have banished the obstacle is an ideal time to start a new candle spell. One for money, wealth, prosperity, etc. Let this burn to the next full moon to complete the cycle.

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