Green Jade

Treasured in many parts of the world Green Jade was known as the “Sovereign of Harmony” to the Maya for the soothing qualities it brings. Green Jade is the emotional problem solver. It is associated with wisdom, tranquility and harmony.

Green Jade allows you to be self-assure and confident, yet also allows you to see the needs of others. It is a stone of emotional wisdom, helping you to release negativity and make complex problems seem more manageable. Green Jade was also known for it’s ability to assist dreamers. Place a piece under your pillow or on your forehead as you fall asleep.

Seen as the stone of help to dysfunctional relationships, Green Jade is also called the stone of fidelity. Perhaps it is so powerful in this regard because it is well known for its ability to make someone less irritable!

To help with your emotional tranquility, take a piece of green jade, cleanse it, and then carefully rub the jade with pennyroyal, which is a herb of protection and piece. Visualize yourself calm and at peace with the world. Carry the stone in a small pouch or folded cloth with the pennyroyal with you at all times until the instability has passed.

Green Jade is said to make an excellent elixir for the skin, and is used to calm the nervous system.

Green Jade vibrates to the High E musical note. Use a tuning fork, singing bowl or musical instruments with the High E note to enhance the effects of Green Jade, and help energize the stone.

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