Comprised of feldspar in short prismatic crystals, Amazonite is a vital stone that you should have with you every moment of the day. Amazonite sooths aggravation, dispelling nervous energy, and calms the nervous system. It aligns the physical body with the astral and etheric bodies, so you are “holding your space well.”

But what makes amazonite so very vital is its ability to disrupt and block electromagnetic pollution from our personal and household electronics. Many of us have a television in even our bedrooms, and it is not uncommon for people to rely on a cell phone for an alarm. Cells phones are with many of us almost every moment of our day. Amazonite will help filter the pollution, and should be placed between your physical body and sources of pollution like computers, televisions, radios, microwaves and other devices. You ALWAYS have a piece of amazonite in whatever pocket or bag you carry your cell phone.

Emotionally amazonite helps alleviate worry and fear. It is a stone of both overcoming barriers and seeing both sides of a problem.Because of these nervous, emotional and electromagnetic properties, amazonite is an excellent aid to those with insomnia problems.

Amazonite is a powerful stone for general health and nervous system problems. An elixir made with amazonite is said to be very beneficial to aiding calcium deficiencies, assisting in the treatment of osteoporosis and tooth decay.

Amazonite vibrates to the musical note G. Use a tuning fork, singing bowl or musical instruments with the G note to enhance the effects of amazonite, and help energize the stone.

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