Perhaps one of the most widely recommended stones for protection, hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide, and is harder than iron, but more brittle. It is useful at balancing energies, and grounding, and has some of the same effects at dispelling magics that are usually attributed to iron.

Hematite is powerful for keeping unwanted energies from becoming attached to your aura, and encourages you to be able to overcome your obstacles. Hematite is said to be helpful in math, logical thinking, and overcoming addictions and compulsive behaviors.

Because of it’s magnetic nature, hematite helps bring balance to the nervous system, and creates balance between mind, spirit and body. It is often used to help people (especially women) to overcome timidity. Hematite is especially good for legal matters, or matters involving machinery.

Hematite is another stone that has powerful connections to the blood. Having skin contact with hematite is said to be helpful in the absorption of iron, and the formation of red blood cells. Helpful to the kidneys, hematite is also a good stone for the treatment of anxiety, leg cramps, and spinal ailments. Hematite is one of the main stones used in treating insomnia, and placed on the body will help draw out a fever.

Hematite vibrates with the musical note D and High C. Use of a tuning fork, singing bowl or musical instruments with the D or High C notes will enhance the effects of hematite, and help energize the stone.

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