Your Magical Inheritance (Creating a Basic Ancestor Altar)

This is a partial reprint of an article that first appeared in the April 2012 Body, Mind, Spirit Guide. It is an overview on the most basic Ancestor altar I advise people to build. It can also be a lot more robust and there is a lot more to cover. If there is a demand I will create a movie of the Creation of an Ancestor Altar class I conduct at The Wandering Owl, and sell it on Just send me a comment here if you are interested.

Your Magical Inheritance

Real change. Real magic. We all want it. We all want the ability to change the odds, to manipulate probability, or in other words to get that lucky break. What good is magic (or energy work as it is sometimes called) if we cannot get real and measurable change in our lives? We all have needs, wants and desires and seek ways, both physical and magical, to achieve those goals.

As a member and instructor at the Quantum Life Science Institute I am often asked what types of spirits I work with to get measurable results quickly. The answer often surprises them.

While ancient Goddesses, animal allies, and soaring Angels can indeed be amazingly powerful, the quickest and most efficient results are often from our dearly departed Ancestors. When you have a need or a want, even in life we turn to our relatives. Why should this change when they die? Their spirit continues on, and often freed of the limitations of a physical body they can help us even more easily.

On a deeply intuitive level, we as humans already know this. It is easy to see the still rising popularity of genealogy. There is more to this trend than wanting to know who we came from. The spirits of our Ancestors not only can help us, they want to! They are connected to us by bone, blood, DNA and in some cases choice alone. They want to see you thrive and be able to pass on these things to further generations.

Our Ancestors are our first line of protection. They can help us with a wide variety of issues from ongoing health issues to wealth and financial issues. They are wise councilors, often telling us what we need to hear as opposed to what we desire. They are good sounding boards and keen messengers. They can encourage us and help us with emotional support. And most importantly, because we have a strong connection to them, they have a much stronger likelihood to be honest with us and to look out for our well being than other spirits may.

The first and most basic step to working with Ancestor spirits is an Ancestor Altar. This is a place you will go to meditate and commune with them, and also to leave food and gifts so they can have the energy they need to affect change.

To create the most basic altar take a white cloth that has been washed with a cleansing flower wash called Florida water (available on and dried in the sun. Use it to cover a small table that has also been washed with Florida water. Place four stones from around your yard at the four corners. In the center place a glass or wood cup of cool water, and behind it a white candle. Decorate this further with old photos, keepsakes, or other items of meaning. (Do not place photos of the living onto this altar.)

To begin, start with an Ancestor you knew when they were alive. Light the candle, say a prayer, and then sit and remember them with fine detail until it feels like they are present with you. When you begin to sense them, tell them what your intent was with the altar. Tell them it is a place for them to come and visit and communicate. Ask them if there is anything they want to tell you. Make sure that you do not believe everything they say at first, and ask them several times to confirm who they are. Do this until you are sure. Once you have one very strong connection, you will be able to ask them to help you, and to answer questions to the best of their ability. Record what they say, what emotions this gives you, and if you ask them for help what things they were successful at helping you with. This will lead to a better understanding of how they may best help you moving forward. Replace the water daily and the candle as needed.

The relationship you renew with your Ancestors can be highly rewarding, and also can be the first step to a much wider spiritual outlook. They are after all your magical inheritance.

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