If you are in need of courage, then bloodstone is the stone for you. Bloodstone is actually a variety of quartz, but it’s unique makeup makes it a stone associated with the power of the blood and thus the heart. Bloodstone will give you courage, help you to recognize when to retreat, dispel bewilderment, and perhaps most importantly recognize when the chaos around you is needed for growth. “Be brave, this is something that must be done” is the message of the bloodstone. It is also a stone that help you in your ability to banish unwanted spirits or energies.

In ancient times bloodstone was said to be an “audible oracle” able to guide you by subtle sounds. Because of it’s energy, you will be more receptive to messages you really need to hear. It allows for the wisdom of practical guidance. Because of this, with it’s ability to help ground, and it’s connection to blood, the heart, and courage, bloodstone is a key stone for renewing a relationship.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect however is it’s ability to be used in healing the Ancestral line.

Bloodstone is a blood purifier, and is great for the kidneys, spleen, bladder and liver. It is effective against acute infections. It is helpful against leukemia because it cleanses the blood while fighting toxins. The ancient Egyptians used bloodstone to heal tumors.

Wear or carry bloodstone for good health. Place in a bowl of water next to your bed to help with restful sleep. Make sure you empty the water down the drain without touching the water every morning, and wash the water down the drain with a splash of white vinegar.

Bloodstone vibrates with the musical note A and F. Use of a tuning fork, singing bowl or musical instruments with the A or F notes will enhance the effects of Bloodstone, and help energize the stone.

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