How to Use Stones and Crystals

​Stones and crystals have been used since ancient times to help ward off and to treat the problems of mankind. Most stones and crystals have been explored many times over by different healing systems, and they have many notes on the effects of each. They have been explored using sound, each stone having a unique vibrational signature, and each ailment has a corresponding frequency that the stone can help correct. This has been done with colors as well. Stones have also been classified by what tradition or folklore indicates about them. They can be classified using astrology and the planetary energies with the proper stone for the proper sign. So how do you pick the right stone, or more important, how do you use it?

The key is to find out what energy your system needs, and the best tool for determining that is you.

It is generally thought that the human body has a polarity like a magnet. There are parts of your energy field which are receptive and parts which are projective. The easiest way to see this in action is your hand preference, or in other words are you a “righty or a lefty”? I generally tell people that with very few exceptions the hand you use to sign your name with is your projective hand, the polarity of projecting yourself out. Your other hand is the receptive polarity, the hand of accepting things into your energy.

Selecting the right crystal for you is a matter of making use of that polarity.Ground and Center (if you are not familiar with this technique, The Wandering Owl offers a class on it each and every month). Now focus on the issue you would like to address, vigorously rub your hands together for a few moments, and then with your eyes closed move your receptive hand in front of the stones with your hand flat and open. What you are looking for is a small tingle in your palm, a warm or cool sensation, or the very strong desire to open your eyes. The stone that causes a reaction is the type you need. You are trusting the polarity and energy of your body to know what is needed. The stone might not match what the description in your book says is good for your ailment, but you may be addressing a deeper need. For example your energy field knows that the stomach pains are caused by a long repressed desire, even if your thinking self does not. And keep in mind that there might be more than one!

How to use the crystal

Now that the right stone has been selected, the next step is properly using it. I always recommend that people cleanse any new stone or crystals to remove any influences that other people might have left on the stone. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to run them under cool water. While you might opt for a stream or a river, the running water of your tap will suffice. You can also bury the stone in sea salt, or in the ground. Even being buried just under the soil of a household plant for 24 hours can often accomplish a good cleansing.

The simplest and most effective method to align the stones energy to yours might be surprising to you; you ask it for help. If you focus on what you would like the stone to help you with, and hold it in your hands and voice those thoughts it will align the matrix of energies of that stone with your desires and the energy systems of your body. Alternatively for a stronger result, Ground and Center, and then get a very strong visualization of the result you desire, and when you cannot hold the focus any longer, blow your breath over the stone. Your breath is the gift of life, and it will carry that intention into the stone. You can further charge the stones, and add to their effect, by dressing them with oils, placing them in a bag that is of a complimentary color, and adding herbs or flowers. For insomnia you might choose amethyst, dress or anoint it with lavender oil, and place it in a purple bag with fresh lavender. After that it is a simple matter of carrying the stones with you.

A Proactive Approach to “Negative” Stones

Once in a while instead of finding a stone you are very attracted to, you will find a stone or crystal you feel very negative about or are repulsed by. While the approach I offered to stones above is very effective, there are times when it can also be too passive. For those times when you find a stone that feels very negative, you have an opportunity to proactive. Why? Simply put the stone is resonating with the illness within you, or the obstacle to your circumstance, be it internal or external. By approaching this head on you can use the stone as a marker for your progress.

The process

Make sure you have cleansed the stone and still feel an aversion or negativity to it. Ground and Center. By divination, or by intuition, chose one of the classic Elemental energies (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) that seems the most appropriate. Find a time in your life when you have interacted with that element in a way that was very positive and affirming. For example you might have had a time in your life when you were in love, and you and your lover sat outside by a campfire. The heat from the fire and the heat of love and passion were bright. Recall every detail you can about that night; the smell of the fire, the moisture in the night air, the crackle of the fire. Imagine that energy being condensed and distilled, becoming stronger and more pure until only it’s essence, like a handful of orange and red light fills your hand. Pick up the stone and allow the light to flow into the stone. Hold onto the visualization as long as you are able, and afterwards record how the stone feels to you. Is it still negative feeling to you? Repeat this process for a minimum of nine days, attempting to try and hold the visualization longer each time. At the end if the nine days, it is time to assess. Is the stone still negative? If not, has the circumstance causing you distress changed? If the stone is till negative feeling, then choose another element and repeat the process. Repeat until there is some shift either in the outside or more importantly in your internal emotional or mental state that allows change to happen, and you are able to move around or through the difficulty.

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