Blue Kyanite

One of the more powerful stones we carry, Kyanite is a powerful tool against negativity. Although Kyanite comes in colors other than blue, the meaning of its name comes from the Greek word which means ‘blue’, blue Kyanite being the type usually found.

Kyanite is one of the few stones that does not have to be cleansed, negative or heavy energy simply will not cling to this stone! A very high vibration stone, Kyanite has the ability to align all the chakras automatically and immediately. The best part is this alignment happens without any direction on your part, but if directed can be used to open the chakras. Kyanite kept on your person will help provide a shield against negativity.

Use tumbled Kyanite to facilitate meditation, providing a calming and balancing energy. Because of its strong effect on the third eye chakra Kyanite can assist you in finding spiritual guidance. It can also be useful when used in or near your pillow or head while sleeping to promote the recall of dreams. This gentle stone is also one to help spirits in death transition, so would be good for hospice work, or for burial at a grave.

Kyanite blades have all the same properties, but being a long thin shape like a knife can be used for “psychic surgery” working deep into a chakra and dislodging heavy energies and blockages. It can also be used to scrape down the skin of your body to cut negative ties. Use a Kyanite blade to overcome negativity, and hold it to cut through stress, fears and illusions. It is your energetic sword of victory.

Blue Kyanite is good for the throat, and is good for public performers. It is a natural pain reliever, and helps to lower blood pressure, and heal infections. Especially good for issues of muscular disorders, fevers, urogentital system, thyroid, adrenal system and the brain.

Kyanite vibrates with the musical note F. Use of a tuning fork, singing bowl or musical instruments with the F note will enhance the effects of Kyanite, and help energize the stone.

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