The Practical Guide to Spirits Who Lie

​ We all know people that are just way to trusting when it comes to spirits. They are wary of the man on the corner shuffling cards, but perfectly willing to accept ANY information that comes from the spiritual realms, and that really is not any less dangerous.

The Practical Guide to Spirits Who Lie (And They All Can)

Spirits lie. This is a fact, but it is a fact that most people do not pay attention to. I might even say that many people think of it that happens only sometimes or never at all, generally preferring to think that any message from spirit is from a higher or “pure” source. Or worse yet believing what a spirit may say because it is convenient or is what the person deep down wants to hear. In this small guide aimed at teens and young adults I’m going to try and show how you can tell the truth from a lie.

Why would I write this article? After interacting with many people who are very well read and have a broad base of experience I can only conclude that this important fact has been largely ignored. I feel that most of the authors and mentors out there have let people down. I don’t think they meant to, I don’t think it was done to cause harm and I assure you that some of them are not practicing what I am going to tell you about, but all of them should be. Because spirits can and do lie.

Just to make sure that I am absolutely clear, let me tell you what I mean when I say a spirit. A spirit could be a ghost, an inner voice, a God or Goddess, but for this article I am also including spiritual teachers or leaders, and even friends. Crazy? Maybe. But lets first talk about what I mean when I say a lie, and then you will see how this all fits together.

I don’t mean to tell you that every thought, idea or feeling a spirit might tell you is a lie. It could be that way, I have known a few spirits that might lie with every breath, but that’s not very common. Most of them will end up being very helpful, and some you will grow very close to. The point is you don’t know. When I say lie what I mean is manipulation. You might not have ever thought about it before, but spirits, be they human or otherwise, all have an agenda. They have things they want, they have things they think they need, and they might not even be aware of what they are doing or saying.

Usually the best lies tend to be the ones with some truth in them. You might want a ride someplace but you cannot drive, so you convince a friend that they will have a great time if they go too. You know that they probably will be bored. Not a lie that will end the world, but it wasn’t all truth either.

Spirits can be a lot like this. They might be trying to get you to do something, or they might be trying to get you to go someplace. In the case of human spirits they might be trying to get you to go out on a date with them, or to just think they are the most magical person ever. Even if there is an aspect that might help you, or that you might learn from, they might not be telling you the WHOLE truth. There are many times too when we might hear what we want to, and not what is really being told to us.

So given all this, what can you do? How do you make sure you are being told the truth?

  • Peers

  • Divination

  • Ancestors/Deity

  • Keeping Score

I don’t expect you to do any less then I would, and the first thing I tend to do when something happens is go and talk to my friends. Peers are the first point on this Triangle. Now of course I think it goes without saying that if the friend is also talking to the same spirit, or is the person who is giving you the message from spirit, you need to choose another friend. Your friends are a good resource because they know you best, and if they are close friends have your best interests at heart. You have to realize that they have their own agendas, but it is a first step. When you listen to what they tell you, try to be aware of what is going on in their lives, and what has happened to them, because it might be affecting the advice they are giving you.

Divination. There are multiple divination systems out there like tarot cards, runes, and shells to name a few. I will leave it to you to figure out what works best for you. The hard part of divination is making sure you are asking the right questions. Divination is best when telling you about possible outcomes. For example “what is likely to happen if I do as this spirit is asking?”

Ancestors. There are a few methods out there for setting up an ancestor altar. The simplest is a white cloth, a glass of clean water, and the picture of the deceased Ancestor you are hoping to talk to. The relationship with Ancestors will take time to build, so don’t expect it to happen overnight. But if you go to an Ancestor altar and talk to the spirit of a relative you knew when they were alive, it will not take long for you to feel the spirit growing close to you.

Couldn’t the ancestor spirit lie as well? It could, this is true, but it is less likely, for the simple reason is that it is a relative of yours. They SHOULD be interested in seeing people in their family do well. Plus you knew them as people. You know what your Grandfather was like; would he try and harm you?

There are a few of you who might be saying “my relative did harm me” or “I don’t have a close relative who has died” or even “but I was adopted”. To the first I will tell you that death has a way of changing people. Addictions they had, issues with anger, and worse, do not matter when you have no living body. But if this is something you cannot do, or cannot feel safe doing, then there are Ancestors that you didn’t know. They will come to you, some ancient Grandmother or Grandfather. But if you do not know them, use extra caution.

I am also going to say that this is a good place for use of Deity as well. A God or Goddess can easily act in this place instead of an Ancestor. But I know of at least one occasion where a person being possessed by a Goddess told a person to “test what I am saying and you will see I am telling the truth.” Until you know them well, Deities can sometimes be challenging. Especially when you look at the mythologies, some can be more of a trickster than others. But once you have established a good relationship with a Deity or very old very strong Ancestors, they can not only help you know when other spirits are lying, they will actually keep the deceiving spirits from coming near you in the first place. That will require you to use all these steps far less often.

Keeping score. Lastly after you have tested what they are telling you, and if you have come to the conclusion that they are being truthful, make sure to record the results. That’s right you are keeping score! You have to know who you can trust, and how often, and there is only one way to know that, and that’s by keeping score. What is the point of testing if you don’t record the results? This in a way is the ultimate test and will show untruths in a way that the other methods cannot.

Say a spirit tells you that you will get some money if you just offer it a green candle every day. It passes divination and the spirits of your Ancestors which means they and you believe the spirit is telling the truth. You burn the offering candles, but then nothing happens. You don’t get an offer to do some extra work, you don’t get a birthday card that has money in it, nothing. What youDO have then, is even more data. You can confront the spirit, and ask what happened or if you misunderstood in some way. The next time the spirit will be more careful, or else you will not work with it anymore. With people and spirits both it is important to distance yourself from ones that keep letting you down.

Now I will grant you, this might all sound like I am being too careful. But I have to tell you I have seen some horrible things happen when people believe too much too quickly, or believe everything they are told. Shamanism, magic and spirituality are not quick and easy. Just because you believe in magic, and spirits, does not mean you should believe in EVERYTHING you are told.

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