An Open Circuit

Crystal balls. Magic Wands. Smart Phones. What do these things have in common? They are all conduits for energy.

People sit down each day in front of computers or carry smart phones in their pockets without ever thinking about the metaphysical ramifications of this technology. But stop for a moment and give it some thought. What are computers made of? Silicone. Glass. Metals. Crystals. Fiber optics. Light. And they are designed by their nature to connect us to the energies of the outside world. Energy flows.

Ever wonder why you can get so emotionally involved in the life of someone you have never met? Or how you can be dead tired and then sit down to quickly check your email and be wide awake? There are biochemical reasons to be sure. Light entering your eyes will throw of your natural biorhythms. Studies have linked this factor with a lack of sleep and depression. There is even in our culture an anxiety that comes from not getting a text or email you were expecting, or fear that you will miss one altogether.

But what if on top of those other factors there was also a metaphysical factor? Often you will see copper, light and crystals (both natural and manmade) used to transmit and amplify spiritual energy. If we consider that the Internet is a repository for knowledge this is a good thing, but the reality is that in our most common daily use the Internet is an expression of people’s shadows. Shadows are those most base desires, wants, fears and problems we hide even from ourselves. We see some of the worst and most undesirable traits of the human species expressed every day online.

Those nasty negative even “evil” energies are projected consciously or unconsciously, then intermixed with all the other negative energies in a giant sludge, amplified over and over until they come into your home, past your protections, past your shields and right next to your bed where your smart phone sits waiting for your morning alarm!

I will grant you I am making a rather dramatic statement for effect, but is it unwarranted? How many of you suffer from insomnia, restlessness or depression? How many have been caught up in reading about conspiracies online? How many have been caught up in a “flame war” of some sort? Have you ever left a chat or FaceBook feeling more lonely, depressed or anxious than when you started?

And none of this is even factoring in television, where advertisers, politicians and entertainers consciously try to manipulate your energies with specialized sigils (logos), colors with energy correspondences, mood music and neurolinguistic programming!

So what can you do if you have issue in your life and wonder about this metaphysical connection creating them or making them worse? I would recommend that you avoid electronic devices including smart phones for at least an hour before bedtime. The best thing to do would be a banishing ritual after you shut down your computer for the night and then avoiding all electronics including the television if possible. Kick them out of your bedroom entirely. Radios especially if tuned to music are far less “toxic” in most cases, but I would avoid the late night news or conspiracy stations.

If you are online for extended periods make sure that you counter that by spending time outside. If this is not possible or practical you could also do a shielding exercise before using your computer or watching television.

You could even create barriers to this energy. Place a piece of hematite, fluorite, selenite, or pyrite on your desk between your monitor and your eyes. Using some non-damaging method you can place a protection symbol on your television. Or if you have some need to have your phone near you as you sleep, surround it with a circle of crystal points all pointing to the inside of the circle pushing stay energy back into the phone.

How seriously you need to react is of course up to you as an individual, but there is no need, no healthy reason, to leave an open circuit into your personal energy.

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