Use Camphor Against Negativity

One of the most useful items we have at The Wandering Owl is camphor. Sage not strong enough? A very disturbing energy that just will not leave after a smudge? Sea Salt not doing the trick? Then it’s time to consider camphor.

Camphor is a resin found in wood of the camphor laurel used to spiritually cleanse a room. It is a very strong scent and will drive out the heaviest of energies. It also can be a very pleasing offering to benevolent spirits. It burns with no trace, just as our ego should desolve, and is used in many Puja (Hindu religious rituals). Camphor is very effective against demonic energies.

Methods of Use

​Placement/Diffusion – place squares in the four corners of a room with a silver dime atop of each. U.S. dimes predating 1964 were made with silver, but since not many people will have those, you could also use a drop of colloidal silver which is a form of ground silver in a suspension liquid used for health. Colloidal silver can be found at most health food stores.

If you have a house with pets consider putting in a container with holes punched in the lid. With young children you could also consider making a small packet with cheese cloth and hanging high in the corners near the ceiling with a tack.

Burnt – Use crumbled on incense charcoal but use sparingly and with open windows. It is a very strong banishment.

A word of caution

Some types of camphor are edible. The kind we carry at The Wandering Owl, refined camphor, is NOT. Pregnant women should also avoid touching camphor.

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