In addition to the great items, classes and events, The Wandering Owl offers several services performed by Shaman Jim Stovall. For more information and pricing, email


Shamanic Life Coaching

What is Shamanic Life Coaching? It’s the use of Spirit to make your life better. Meeting with you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to do cleansing, divinations, and to have one-on-coaching in the techniques and classes offered at The Wandering Owl.


Peruvian Fire Ceremony

Experience a profound level of healing change in your life by opening to the love of Pachamama (Mother Earth). We turn over an important issue in our lives to Her by placing a suitably tuned object into a ceremonially prepared fire. In return, we receive energy that specifically manifests the best that Pachamama can co-create with us.

The pure traditions of the Andes Mountains, over 5,000 years old, still work, and work well. Though results are not guaranteed (that is between Pachamama and you), many people have radically changed the most important issue in their lives in just one Peruvian Fire Ceremony.


This is a perfect ceremony for any group event such as a celebration, family gathering or recovery group because of its power at building a sense of community.


Haywarisqa Ceremony

Also known as a despatcho, the Haywarisqa is a powerful rite of thanksgiving used to show appreciation for all you have, and also to divine and ask for things you need. ceremonial offering composed of a wide variety of elements, each with its own meaning.


Variants of the Haywarisqa can be used to cleanse your spirit, to bless and protect an infant, to help ease loved ones into the higher realms, or even to remove toxic spirits that may be causing long term harm to you. The Haywarisqa is also very powerful at creating lasting bonds between people and nature by weaving our luminous fibers together. It is ideal for small groups or families, and is one of the most powerful and beautiful rites that have been given to us.

Up to 200 elements are intricately arranged infused with refined spiritual energy bundled up and burned in a variant of the Peruvian Fire Ceremony. The ashes are then washed away in a river, buried or contained in a special ceremonial pottery.


Wedding/Funeral/Change of Life Ceremonies


Shamanic Cleansing

Your energy field cleansed, chakras checked for intrusions, and cords of unhealthy relationships removed.

Blessing Ceremonies


Can be used for healing, but can also be applied to any number of situations such as protecting your home or car, or finding employment, safe travels.


Shamanic House Cleansing

Have you ever been in a home that did not feel right? Do you feel like your house is heavy and closed in instead of being a place of warmth and comfort? The places people inhabit accumulate energy and spirits, and some of them can be toxic to you. These harmful energies can come from people, past events, geographic location or malevolent spirits. Using my spirit guides along with herbs, stones and other shamanic tools I will cleanse and protect your home, office, barn or yard/property.

Recently I was asked for help.


“The house that we live in now creeps me out. I have seen some crazy things before and the normal ghosty’s and spirits that normally are around old houses don’t usually bother me. But when they are freaking my kid and freaking me out I have a problem.”


“Just to let you know the creepiest was when (my husband) was gone last summer and (my daughter) was sleeping in our bed with me. I woke up to this feeling of something other then the two of us on the bed. I looked over and something rushed at me it looked like a face I screamed go away and it disappeared.”


After I performed a Shamanic House Cleansing

“(my daughter) is sleeping much better. and things just feel quieter. I’m not hearing voices in the night anymore, which is making me feel better.”


Simple Cleansing

Clears out stagnant energy and spirits. Good for most situations, a simple house cleansing can be very helpful when trying to sell a home.


Advanced Cleansing

For only the worst of places involving great pain or illness. Involves blessing the cleaning materials and physical help cleaning the dwelling such as washing walls, windows and mirrors. This is a huge task! Price dependent on the state of the dwelling and the amount of labor that will be needed.