Latin Name: Daemonorops draco
Common Names: Dragon's Blood, Draconis resina


The fiery red coloration of Daemonorops draco makes it easy to see how this resin got the common name of Dragon's Blood. It is found in tropical regions of Indonesia in Southeast Asia and are known in this part of the world as djerang and jerang. The fruit looks like round red balls, and the resin hydrocarbon secretion that covers the immature fruit of the palm are extracted by being broken off from the fruit, and this is what is used to make Dragon's Blood.


In ancient times, Dragon's Blood was used for such applications as dyes and varnishes, medicines and incense. While commonly used as an incense, this resin is no longer used internally today, but its colorful properties make it useful to artists and craftspeople.*


Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy. Not for internal use during menstruation.


Magical Uses:




Dragon’s Blood is used magically in workings of love, protection, and potency.  It has been used to encourage the return of an errant lover.  It can be sprinkled around the home or burned as an incense to drive away negativity.  Dragon’s Blood is often added to incense or other spell work to increase their potency and power.**

Dragon's Blood Chunks (Daemonorops draco)

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