Latin Name: Nepeta cataria
Common Names: Catnip Leaf

Herbalists have found Catnip to be effective as a mild sedative, an aid for digestive issues, and a relief for menstrual cramps.  While humans may find dried Nepeta cataria leaves to be effective when taken as an infusion, to their pet felines, it is in fact not a medicinal herb but a narcotic. Felines have a sense of smell that is far more developed that that of humans - by a magnitude of several million. In fact, it has been suggested that felines perceive scent in the same way that humans perceive color. Just as certain wildcrafted herbs can cause humans to have visual hallucinations, so too does catnip leaf cause your tabby to experience olfactory hallucinations - which, if the typical cat response is any indication, are highly pleasurable, but ultimately harmless.*


Magical Uses:




Catnip is used magically in workings of cat magic, love, and happiness.  It is traditionally used with rose in love sachets.  Holding catnip in the hand until warm, then holding the hand of another, has been used to solidify a friendship that is said to last for as long as you keep the sprig of catnip used safe.  Grown near the home or hung in the doorway is believed to attract good spirits and good luck.**

Catnip Leaf (Nepeta cataria)

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    ** Magical herb information is provided by Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham.

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